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Beef Kebab

Beef Kebab grilled on a skewer.


Beef Shawarma

Marinated layers of tender beef cooked on a vertical broiler, served with tahini sauce.


Chicken Shawarma

Marinated layers of chicken cooked on a vertical broiler, served with tahini sauce.


Lamb Kebab

Lamb kebab grilled on a skewer.


Shish Tawook (chicken Kebab)

Chicken kebab grilled on a skewer, served with garlic sauce.


Beef Kefta Kebab

Ground beef kebab grilled on a skewer.


Chicken kefta Kebab

Ground chicken grilled on a skewer.


Kebbeh Bil Sayneh

Layered ground beef and burgul, stuffed with minced beef, onion and pine nuts.


Salmon Kebab

Wild salmon kebab served with tahini sauce.


Veggie Kebab

Grilled seasonal veggies.



We've heard for years about the wonders of the Mediterranean diet. Featuring foods like olive oil, whole grains, fish, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, it's considered an all-around healthy way of eating. Even if you don't adopt it completely, it's easy to work a few more Mediterranean-inspired meals into your weekly menu plan, even if it's just for the bright and satisfying flavors alone.

Our Menu at Nora's Palace we take great pride in.

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